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Evian Royal Resort, nestled in a 47-acre park on Lake Geneva at the foot of the French Alps, is one of the most exclusive resorts in the world. Evian Royal Resort is a temple of French elegance and refinement. The resort is home to the world-renowned Evian Royal Spa, celebrated for its unique mind and body treatments and the signature 18-hole Evian Masters Golf Course, offering its visitors ample choices for indulgence, sports and luxury services.

The Concept
Evian Royal Resort boasts two of the most beautiful hotels in Europe, the Royal Palace and the Ermitage Hotel, two spas in each hotel which combine elegance and a unique spa concept in the world. The resort is also has an in-house mythical 18-hole Evian Masters Golf Course and a golfing concept that is unique in the world: the Evian Masters Training Center.

The Évian Royal Palace was inaugurated in 1909 to receive the great men and women of this world, Edward VII in particular, to whom the Royal owes its name. Unfortunately, he died before ever seeing it. Thanks to the birth of this sumptuous palace linked to the Spa by a funicular railway, Evian was to become the favourite thermal resort of celebrities, the upper classes and the aristocracy. To such an extent that the Aga Khan had a suite there on a yearly basis.

The Royal crossed the dark years of the First World War by remaining open to its habitual clientele and was transformed into a convalescent home during the second. From 1945 to 1958, The Royal had newfound splendour until the night of 13 August 1958, when the last two stories caught fire and the roof was destroyed.

In June 1960, the Hôtel re-opened with a new roof, different from its original architecture, abandoning its superb curved pediments and spires. Today, the only remaining example of the marvelous work of Austrian craftsmen is the awning in Hungarian wood over the terrace.

In 1970, the Evian Mineral Water Company, owner of the Evian Royal Palace, became a wholly owned subsidiary of the DANONE Group, whose Chairman today is Frank Riboud. Since then, this magnificent palace has benefited from a renovation and innovation programme that continuously anticipates guests’ desires.

The Spa at Ermitage Hotel: Spa Maison Les 4 Terres®
The Maison Les 4 Terres® offers you the opportunity to renew contact with the earth’s forces, which are exceptionally rich in beneficial properties and indispensable to your general well- being.

Nestled between the lake and the mountains, within the confines of the Hôtel Ermitage, the Maison Les 4 Terres® brings you all the goodness of the earth.

The Maison Les 4 Terres’® approach is based on Tellutherapy, an exceptional method inspired by American-Indian, African, and Oriental practices, dating from thousands of years, that hold the earth to be a symbol of regeneration.

The earth soothes and nourishes the body and spirit through a series of active treatments. This authentic reservoir of minerals and oligo-elements is used in 4 forms:

  • Crystal
  • Stone
  • Clay
  • Soil

Each of these categories has been rigorously selected for its highly effective active constituents that have been recognized since ancient times in their lands of origin. They have equally been chosen for their capacity to awaken your sense of touch, bringing about a feeling of relaxation and a deep sense of inner well-being.

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Our expert team of professionals, trained in the latest techniques, offers a series of unprecedented, highly effective treatments, aimed at providing you with a greater understanding of your body while at the same time getting it back to its very best.

Discover the naturally relaxing atmosphere of the treatment booths and massage rooms in the Maison Les 4 Terres® with its warm tones, mahogany, fine details and exceptional decor. Take in the gentle, diffuse atmosphere of the magnificent duo room and its pleasures while enjoying a massage with your partner.
Bathed in natural light, the relaxation room is a haven of serenity with its welcoming waterbeds, cosy duvets, and the gentle trickling of water from an outdoor fountain. Situated in a peaceful natural setting, it provides all the ingredients for supreme relaxation. All that is left for you is to choose a relaxing or mountain herbal tea with calming or vitalizing properties.

To reinforce and prolong the effects of the treatments inside you, discover the Gourmandin restaurant's exclusive menus. Cooking food in a red clay crust preserves its intrinsic properties and is used here with the effective control of your nutitional balance in mind.


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